Minneapolis Born, Michigan's U.P. Raised & Pittsburgh Based​​​​​​​
Art has been a relaxing and moving experience for me since an early age. Drawing and painting helped me deal with early life challenges giving me an outlet to frequently immerse myself in.  It offered an outlet of pure emotional storytelling on any topic that was on my heart regardless its typical understanding by others at the time.  I could share any type of emotion or feeling from deep inside or better yet if I was struggling I could allow the art to take me to places allowing me to sift through those issues that might cause others my age to act out and instead allow me to process them and allow them to settle down into perspective.  
Artistically inclined it was easy to follow in my Dad's footsteps buying my first good camera in high school before the digital age when either you developed your film like he did or you sent your camera rolls into a developer.
I was ecstatic as the digital age took root opening up doors for a mix of creativity in the photo world that I would have never dreamed possible.  Combining my love of photography with my creativity and imagination of drawing and painting has opened up new ways to express myself and share imagination.  As the years progressed and entered into the field of marketing, grew and nurtured my knowledge base my photography always tended to drag along in the background.
Eventually my marketing experience mixed with artistic background let to my 2nd business where I put all my skills into effect in publishing, marketing, photography, volunteer recruiting and story telling in several publications I published and distributed around the Great Lakes region.  Getting sick ultimately ended derailing that effort in the long run and eventually brought me back to more simple times and my original passion of photography and art.  Funny how life can throw curves at you one minute and you think your derailed but ultimately you end doing the one thing you may have stoped dreaming about long ago.  
If there is one piece of advice I can ever give anyone...  Never stop dreaming.  Never give up on your dream.  No matter what life might bring, don’t forget.
“The whole point in taking pictures is so that you don’t have to explain things with words.”  - Elliot Erwitt
Feel free to reach out to me any time.
Thank you!
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